Операция Пластилин - Lucky 7's (2011)

Операция Пластилин (Operation Plasticine) is a melodic punk/hardcore band with violin and a female vocalist from Russia

Somewhat less punk than their side-project, Mama. If you like this, you can download Операция Пластилин's newest album, Euphoria, from their website (it tends to veer further away from punk, so I don't think I'm going to post it)

Similar to: Ilúzia

Album Description

All tracks on Part I include violin


Part I. Electric
  1. В алмазных небесах
  2. Стрекоза
  3. В глаза своего Каина
  4. Марки
  5. Stay Young!
  6. Курта Кобейна
  7. Киты
Part II. Acoustic (7 tracks)
Part III. Poems (7 tracks)


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