Terra Mater - Holocene Extinction Parts I & II (2019)

Terra Mater is a melodic crust band with violin/cello and dual male/female vocals from Brisbane/Sunshine Coast, Australia

An extension of Holocene Extinction i, which was posted about previously

Album Description

All tracks include violin/cello


  1. Holocene Extinction Parts I
  2. Holocene Extinction Parts II


Respire - Go Mad and Mark (2018) [Song, Envy cover]

Respire is a blackened screamo band from Toronto, Canada that incorporates various unconventional instruments into their music (saxophone, glockenspiel, trumpet, violin, viola, cello, etc)

The screamo label Zegema Beach Records is putting out an Envy tribute album called Envy/Love that includes a cover of Go Mad And Mark performed by Respire (a band that has been posted about before on this blog).

Album Description

Only the track "Go Mad and Mark" by Respire includes violin


  1. Beast Jesus - Chain Wandering Deeply
  2. Massa Nera - The Light of My Footprints
  3. Lktdov - Black Past
  4. Crowning - Farewell to Words
  5. Niboowin - Left Hand
  6. Apostles Of Eris - Spiral Manipulation
  7. Respire - Go Mad and Mark
  8. Gillian Carter - 0 and 1
  9. Carcajou - All That's Left Has Gone to Sleep
  10. Shizune - A Far Off Reason
  11. Agak - Angel's Curse


Atrocity Solution - Lost Remedies (2013)

Atrocity Solution is a crack rock steady band from Wausau, Wisconsin

Followers of this blog will probably be especially interested in the track "Fallacy Of Ruin"--a 12 minute long song that reminds me a bit of Fall of Efrafa and other things in that vein

Similar to: Leftöver Crack

Album Description

Various tracks have some combination of cello/violin/viola


  1. The Introduction Part 2
  2. Equally Diseased
  3. Picking Up The Pieces
  4. Panic State
  5. Let Us Remember
  6. Lost Remedy
  7. Watch The World Burn
  8. Banshee
  9. Ancient Roads
  10. Whithering Away
  11. When We're Dead
  12. Take This To Your Grave
  13. Well Wish
  14. Fallacy Of Ruin


Non-Punk With Strings Roundup #1

Like the Non-Strings Roundups, every once in a while I want to post a few things that don't quite fit the theme of the blog, but that I think readers would enjoy. This batch is of bands/albums that have string instruments but don't have enough punk influence for me to post about them otherwise.

Sans Soleil - A Holy Land Beneath A Godless Sky (2014)

Hard-to-categorize instrumental doom/post-rock with viola from Austin, TX, USA featuring members of Dead to a Dying World. Unsure if there will be any future releases from them.

download (Bandcamp) | facebook

Aradia (2015-present)

(Mostly) instrumental post-rock with viola and cello from Portland, OR, USA. Crust-adjacent/has a punk ethos.

The Pirate Ship Quintet (2007-2012)

Post-rock/screamo with cello from Bristol, UK.

listen | download (Bandcamp)

Strangeweather (2013-present)

Hard-to-categorize folk punk-ish band with cello from Portland, OR, USA.

listen | download (Bandcamp) | facebook

Subrosa (2006-present)

Doom with violins and a female vocalist from Salt Lake City, UT, USA.

listen | download (Bandcamp) | website | facebook | twitter

Hex Partners (2013-present)

Instrumental "acoustic doom" with a violin from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

listen | download (Bandcamp) | facebook

Ivan - Strewn Across Stars (2017)

Funeral doom/sludge with violin from VIC, Australia.

listen | download (Bandcamp) | facebook

Distances (violin added in 2015)

Post-metal with violin from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

listen | download (Bandcamp) | facebook | youtube

Let me know if you have any recommendations for bands in a similar vein!

Ives - Abandon (2010) [Song]

Ives was a blackened punk band from Florida, USA

Album Description

Only the track "Abandon" includes violin


  1. The Taste Of Severity
  2. Burning The Incense, Amanita Virosa
  3. Lost In The Pleasures Of Moonlight
  4. Abandon


Show videos

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Caskar - Caskar Demo (2018)

Caskar is an acoustic folk/crust punk band with cello and a female vocalist from Munich, Germany

I typically avoid posting folk punk here, but I'm going to make an exception for this one, as I feel it blurs the line between genres a bit more than others.

Album Description

All tracks include cello


  1. Ersteinhalbster Song
  2. Westside Crimeside
  3. after I took speed for the "last" time
  4. 149



Respire - Dénouement (2018)

Respire is a blackened screamo band from Toronto, Canada that incorporates various unconventional instruments into their music (saxophone, glockenspiel, trumpet, violin, viola, cello, etc)

I've been looking forward to this release for a while.

Respire's previous album, Gravity and Grace is highly recommended, but the cello/viola parts weren't significant enough for me to post it here. With this new album, however, Respire has incorporated a violinist/violist into their main lineup.

Album Description

All tracks include violin/viola


  1. Bound
  2. Haunt
  3. Shiver
  4. Bloom
  5. Catacombs
  6. Virtue
  7. A Heart Still Pines
  8. Dénouement


Originally posted April 24, 2018
Updated May 1, 2018: Re-published since the album is officially released