Mediafire account suspended

I guess it's inevitable these days that your Mediafire account will get falsely suspended if you have any public links to your files. In this case, NBC Universal claimed that "Mama - Операция Пластилин (2009).zip" was the movie "MAMA (2013)" and that was enough to suspend my account without actually checking the validity of the claim in ANY way. It's not even remotely plausible to fit a full-length movie in a 90mb zip file, not to mention that the file names only "match" if you're a robot. Great job, intellectual property laws. I sent a counter-claim, but I'm not very optimistic that it'll be reversed.

So, what this means is that almost all of the download links on here are dead at the moment. I'll be working on fixing them soon.

Update: All download links should be working again. Also, they are direct links now so no more annoying ad-filled landing pages before you're able to download.