Mama - Операция Пластилин (2009)

Mama was a melodic punk/hardcore band with violin and a female vocalist from Russia. It was a short-lived side-project of Операция Пластилин (Operation Plasticine)

Although this is technically a side-project of Операция Пластилин, it seems like it makes more sense to think of it as one of Операция Пластилин's albums. The style is pretty much identical, and two songs from this album got re-recorded and put on Операция Пластилин's 2011 album. I'm not totally sure what the story is.

Similar to: Ilúzia

Album Description

Most tracks include violin


  1. Улыбка Будды
  2. В алмазных небесах
  3. Хлам
  4. Чужая боль
  5. Марки
  6. Вавилон
  7. Смотри
  8. Ложь
  9. Заткнись!
  10. Реанимация
  11. Прощальная
  12. Музыка


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