Aus-Spotten - Split with Fractura (2007)

Aus-Spotten is a crust band with cello from Vienna, Austria

Fractura is a female-fronted crust band from Germany

I only learned about this band yesterday and I'm very surprised that they aren't more well known. They seem like a band that everyone interested in crust with strings should be aware of, but somehow they only have a handful of listeners on How did this slip through the cracks? I hope to buy a copy and rip it myself eventually, as I could only find .ogg files online

Update: Uploaded self-ripped version

Album Description

All tracks by Aus-Spotten include cello


  1. Fractura - Parade Of Sheep
  2. Fractura - Not The Same
  3. Fractura - Deathtiny
  4. Fractura - Srebrenica
  5. Fractura - Iron Hill
  6. Fractura - Fuck Off
  7. Fractura - Waiting
  8. Aus-Spotten - Set Die Scheisse On Fire
  9. Aus-Spotten - Reproduziert
  10. Aus-Spotten - Die Himmlische Familie
  11. Aus-Spotten - Blech
  12. Aus-Spotten - Wie Auch Immer
  13. Aus-Spotten - Ordnung Tragen
  14. Aus-Spotten - Döda Chefen
  15. Aus-Spotten - Sturmbootpunx


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First posted Sep. 1, 2012
Updated Mar. 11, 2013: Re-uploaded