Recreant - Self-Titled (2012)

Recreant, from Florida, has a female vocalist and very prominent violin

"Cheddar wanted a screamo band, B wanted a grind band, Tristan wanted a crust band, and Jesse wanted a metal band, so we just threw it all together, mixed it with that Florida flavor, and made what we like to call swampcore."

Jesse Beavers - Bass | Tristan Jennings - Drums | Cheddar Kleinheinz - Guitars/Vocals | B. Friesen - Violin/Vocals

Recreant is one of my favorite "crust with strings" bands. Make sure to give this a listen! Also, if you haven't heard their previous release (Snakes and Vultures) yet then do yourself a favor and check that out as well

Album Description

All tracks include violin


  • I - Rick Scott Is An Evil Robot
  • II - For All The Grief You've Caused Us You Should Of Slit Our Throats
  • III - Galatians 5:14
  • IV
  • V - Burn (The United States' Economic and Academic Systems Are Systems Of Elitism, Corruption, and Falsehood)
  • VI - After The Apple
  • VII
  • VIII - Modern Day F Word


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Updated Dec. 17, 2012: Added link to preview on Bandcamp
Updated Feb. 27, 2013: Released for download on Bandcamp, updated post as necessary