Siphilisation - Maalstroom Der Krankzinnigheid (2012)

Doom/epic/post-crust with violin, fe/male vocals. Started out in May 2007 in some dirty dungeon in Leuven, Belgium

Siphilisation is one of my favorite "crust with strings" discoveries (and is part of the reason that I started the blog in the first place). I can't get enough of the song Kerkbrand. Make sure to give this a listen if you're into bands like Ecocide and/or Dead To A Dying World

Album Description

All tracks include violin


  1. Totale Verdoemenis
  2. Kerkbrand
  3. Afval
  4. Schimmen En Schimmels
Source: Soundcloud | Quality: MP3 160
Updated Oct. 30, 2012: Released!
Updated Dec. 8, 2012: Added album cover
Updated Dec. 14, 2012: Added download link and various album info