Marmara Streisand - The Purity of Arms טוהר הנשק

Marmara Streisand is an "anarchist crust'n'roll" band with prominent violin from Israel

Rob: Drums & Vocals | Johanna: Violin & Vocals | Maya: Guitar & Vocals
Michal: Bass & Vocals | Ben: Vocals

I'm so glad this band got in contact with me as they are a perfect example of what this blog is all about. There is no excuse not to give this a listen.

Album Description

All tracks include violin

From the album's Bandcamp page: "These Songs were written and recorded out of a need to reflect and to react to our surrounding. We wish to go beyond the primary meaning of creating music and to inject a radical perspective into it. WE DON'T WANT MEANINGLESS COEXISTENCE, WE WANT TRUE CORESISTANCE!"


  1. The taking of the Marmara(Intro)
  2. W@rk
  3. Y2K (Death trap Culture)
  4. Robinson Crusoe
  5. תמותו ! DIE
  6. The Ghosts
  7. אין לי ארץ אחרת I don't have another land


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