Non-Strings Roundup #1

First, a bit of an update about what's been going on. I haven't been updating the blog nearly as much as I'd like. Hopefully I'll be able to make more regular updates from now on. I have accrued a pretty sizable list of screamo bands with strings, so don't be surprised if there is a long string of screamo posts in the near future.

Also, I recieved a strike on my Mediafire account from, of all things, the Aus-Spotten/Fractura split. I never would have expected a strike from a split between two bands that no longer exist, which was released by record labels that no longer exist. Don't know how or why that happened, but hopefully it doesn't happen again. However, I'm only going to re-upload the Aus-Spotten split once I have a chance to get a copy of it and rip it myself. Update: re-uploaded

Now, about this post: I thought every once in a while I'd upload a few things that I've been enjoying, but that don't have string instruments. Here's the first batch:

La Ligne Maginot - Self-Titled 2xLP (2010)

Austrian female-fronted epic crust/sludge/etc with two drummers.
listen | download (MP3 V0, Vinyl) | website

Red Herring - Discography (2006-2008)

Portland folk punk band with banjo/tuba/drums; fronted by Dyanne from the crust band Harum-Scarum. One in the very short list of folk punk bands I like, and they somehow seem not to be well known at all
Included: Faster Moving Forward, Interacting Cautiously, Warning / Building Blocks
listen | download (MP3 V0, Vinyl) |

Sin & Spinewrench - No Rest For The Wicked Split (1992)

A very interesting split; both bands are industrial projects of crust bands, with Sin being made up of members of Nausea and Spinewrench being made up of members of Deviated Instinct. I personally like the Spinewrench side better (especially the song "Three More Nails"), but the whole thing is definitely worth checking out
listen | download (MP3 256, Unknown)

Boneblack - Self-Titled (2011)

Female-fronted crust from Canada that broke up in 2011. Two members (including the vocalist) are now in the anarcho-punk band War Measures, although I can't find very much info about them at all
listen | download (MP3 V0, Vinyl) | website

Collapse - Discography (2011-2012)

Female-fronted neocrust from Florida. I was very sad to hear that they were breaking up, as their music just kept getting better and better

Update: Members of Collapse are now in the band Landbridge. They play a similar style of crust and are well worth checking out.

Included: Visualize, Scripps, Witch
listen | download (MP3 V0, Bandcamp) | bandcamp

BØREDØM - Discography (as of 2012)

Austrian crust. New album out soon, can't wait
Included: NØMEN EST ØMEN Demo, World Bores To Death, 2 splits
listen | download (MP3 V0, Bandcamp) | website | bandcamp

Khan - The Plague (2012)

Dual female/male fronted crust from Quebec, Canada.
listen | download (MP3 V0, Bandcamp) | buy | facebook | bandcamp

Updated Mar. 12, 2013: Added link to new band with members of Collapse: Landbridge