Oh, Deer! - Корабли (2013) [Song]

Oh, Deer! is a female-fronted screamo band from Житомир, Ukraine

Both the violin and the vocals on this track are done by guest musicians. The violin comes from the instrumental post-rock band Hurtovyna (which has its own song on this split), and the vocals are done by Rafalsky (unsure if that's a band or a person; couldn't find any info).

Album Description

Only the track 'Корабли (with hurtovyna & Rafalsky)' includes violin. It is from a split with Hurtovyna & La Belle Verte released in 2013.


  1. oh, deer! - Корабли (with hurtovyna & Rafalsky)
  2. la belle verte - лишь в моря бесконечности
  3. la belle verte - мои зеленые просторы
  4. la belle verte - надменности герои, высокомерия цари
  5. hurtovyna - Kotarō no tabi