Fuckmorgue - Dead, I Will Not Be Forgotten (2015)

Fuckmorgue was an experimental blackened crust/deathrock band with a female vocalist from Winnipeg, Canada

This is a re-release of Fuckmorge's 2004 CD "Down Forever", but with the addition of their "lost" instrumental demo that includes violin. Also worth noting that the vocalist went on to sing for the crust band Boneblack, which I included in my first Non-strings Roundup post.

Album Description

Only the Demo tracks include violin


  1. Like The City
  2. Hooker With A Heart Of Gold
  3. Dead I Will Not Be Forgotten
  4. After Herbie Died
  5. Chapters For Coming Forth By Day
  6. Where He Goes
  7. Cacophony
  8. After Herbie Died (Demo)
  9. Chaos (Demo)
  10. I Don't Wanna Die (Demo)
  11. Winged Things (Demo)
  12. Journey Of The Forgotten Goat (Demo)
  13. Untitled (Demo)