Non-Strings Roundup #3: The Unknown

Every once in a while I upload a few things that don't have string instruments. This batch is of bands that I've stumbled upon and really enjoy, but, as far as I can tell, are not very well known (judging by listeners on; not necessary a good metric but oh well).

Pay For Progress - Demo (2013)

Epic crust with dual male/female vocals from Russia. Both of the vocalists have really unique voices that I can't get enough of. This is going to be a longer-than-usual write-up as I don't think that I can hype this band enough. Their 3 song demo was released on Bandcamp, but they also have various other demo recordings floating around the internet, and, if they are indicative of what's to come, I have no doubt that their next release is going to be phenomenal.

I've included both a link to the demo and a download of the various other recordings that I've found online. Make sure to download the VK rips and listen to all of them as they are pretty varied (but are all fantastic). Also note that the "Репетиция (Decline)" track is not the full song, but you can see a live video of the full track on the band's VK.

Similar to: Axidance

listen | download the demo (Bandcamp) | download the vk rips (MP3 320, VK)
bandcamp | vk

Psykos - Hospitalsgården (2010)

Post-rock/crust from Sweden. This is a band that I can find almost zero information about, but they are one of the very, very few that I've found that try to mix post-rock and crust. Stumbled across it on Bandcamp a while back and have been enjoying it ever since.

listen | download (Bandcamp) | bandcamp | myspace

Flagelo - Demo (2012)

One-man melodic crust/neocrust band from Brazil. I don't have much information about this band either, and, unfortunately, the tracks are streaming-only, but I hope to hear more from this guy, as these two demo tracks are really, really great.

listen | download (MP3 128, Bandcamp stream rip) | bandcamp

Hvøsch - Demo 'Repetition I Happy Lobster' (2013)

Epic crust from Russia. If you like Owsla-era Fall of Efrafa, you will (probably) enjoy Hvøsch, as this is about as close to Fall of Efrafa worship as I've ever heard. Lucky for me, that is right up my alley.

Update: Since their initial demo, Hvøsch have tweaked their sound in a more black metal direction and dropped the crust. I've uploaded the original demo here if anyone is interested.

Similar to: Fall of Efrafa, Vestiges

listen | download (Bandcamp) | bandcamp | vk