Marmara Streisand - Lullabies of Destruction (2014)

Marmara Streisand is an "anarchist crust'n'roll" band with prominent violin from Israel

R.D.Rich : Drums&Vocals | shoshana: Violin&Vocals | Maya: Guitar&Vocals | Michal: Bass&Vocals | Benjupa: Vocals

If you're not familiar with Marmara Streisand, make sure to check out their previous album, The Purity Of Arms (2013), as well.

Similar to: URO

Album Description

All tracks include violin


  1. Old World Rising
  2. Public Representative
  3. Fluffy Gaddafi
  4. Offer Prison Blues
  5. On My Bike
  6. Put Jerusalem in Jordan


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Updated May 27, 2014: Added more info about the album/streaming/pre-order link
Updated July 16, 2014: Updated because it was released (late on this by about a month)