SklerotikZ - The Last Generation_Η Γενεά Του Σιδήρου (2013)

SklerotikZ is an instrumental post-metal band with cello from Greece with some crust/hardcore elements


This 5 piece band from Greece took its name from the inflammatory disease multiple sclerosis. It has been categorized as an “Experimental Post Metal” band and it is a mixture of black metal, crust, death metal, down tempo, experimental, hardcore, post metal while experimenting with their sound adding Cello in their line up.

As far as I can tell, this album is only available for streaming at the moment.

Update: It's now available as a free download from their Bandcamp

Album Description

All tracks include cello


  1. 09th - Όνειδος Έχθαιρε
  2. 06th - Τελεύτα Άλυπος
  3. 08th - Ελπίδα Αίνει
  4. 11th - Ακούσας Νόει
  5. 13th - Νεώτερον Δίδασκε
  6. 10th - Ηττώ Yπέρ Δικαίου


Updated Jan. 20, 2014: Added link to buy the CD
Updated Feb. 3, 2014: Added Bandcamp download link as its been made available for free downloading