National Disasters - And It Begins... (2009)

National Disasters is a melodic crust band from Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.

Shares members with Abyssal

Realized the version of this that I posted as an extra on the National Disasters - Damaged post was missing a track, so here's a full version (also, the missing track had cello)

Similar to: Aus-Spotten, Abyssal

Album Description

Only the tracks "And It Begins...", "Witness", and "En Silencio..." include cello


  1. And It Begins...
  2. Witness
  3. Misery
  4. Globalized Death
  5. Wrath Of Man
  6. Fin Del Sueno
  7. En Silencio...


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Source: CD | Quality: MP3 V0 | Artwork Scans Included (Source: LACOMPOST)
Updated Mar. 3, 2014: Added Bandcamp download link