Non-Strings Roundup #2: Not Quite Strings

Every once in a while I upload a few things that don't have string instruments. This batch is of bands/albums with unique/unusual instruments that aren't bowed string instruments. If you know of any other crust bands that fit this theme, let me know.

State Of Minefields - Demo (2011) [accordion]

Female-fronted crust with accordion from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. This download only includes the tracks from their demo that are available on Bandcamp, I'm pretty sure the actual demo has more tracks but I haven't been able to track them down.
Update: A blog reader provided a link to the full demo; updated the download link below.
Update #2: All the tracks from the demo have been put on State Of Minefields' Bandcamp

They Eat Their Own God - Demonstration (2011) [theremin]

Blackened crust/anarcho/neocrust with a theremin from Columbia, South Carolina, USA. The theremin tends to sound a bit like whale calls.
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Axidance - Split with Gattaca (2012) [synthesizer]

Blackened/epic neocrust from Russia with dual male/female vocals; the synth on this album sounds extremely similar to a string instrument. Axidance is one of my favorite bands and their whole discography is well worth checking out. You can download all of their music for free from their Bandcamp.
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Al-Thawra - Edifice (2010) [traditional middle-eastern instruments]

Experimental crust/anarcho-punk/taqwacore from Chicago with various traditional Middle-Eastern instruments like the derbake and buzuq. Al-Thawra's previous album, Who Benefits From War?, was posted on the blog a while ago as it includes violin in addition to the Middle-Eastern instruments.
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