Myles Of Destruction - Split 7" with Abiku (2003)

Myles Of Destruction were an experimental hardcore/grind/crust/metal violin/drum/bass trio from Philadelphia

Abiku are a female-fronted electro-punk/grind duo from Baltimore

I'd love to post more Myles Of Destruction but haven't been able to get my hands on their other material. If you have access to their Doom Town EP or Running Only Makes The Fire Worse LP, let me know!

Myles now plays viola/harp in the acoustic/chamber doom metal band Disemballerina (bandcamp | facebook). Make sure to check it out!

Album Description

Only the tracks by Myles Of Destruction include violin


  1. Myles Of Destruction - Castrati
  2. Myles Of Destruction - King Of Broken Things
  3. Abiku - Action Toy
  4. Abiku - Ripe
  5. Abiku - Untitled
  6. Abiku - To Prick


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Special thanks to blog-reader aboynamedstew for recommending this band

Source: Vinyl | Quality: MP3 V0 | Artwork Scans Included