Atrocity Solution - Lost Remedies (2013)

Atrocity Solution is a crack rock steady band from Wausau, Wisconsin

Followers of this blog will probably be especially interested in the track "Fallacy Of Ruin"--a 12 minute long song that reminds me a bit of Fall of Efrafa and other things in that vein

Similar to: Leftöver Crack

Album Description

Various tracks have some combination of cello/violin/viola


  1. The Introduction Part 2
  2. Equally Diseased
  3. Picking Up The Pieces
  4. Panic State
  5. Let Us Remember
  6. Lost Remedy
  7. Watch The World Burn
  8. Banshee
  9. Ancient Roads
  10. Whithering Away
  11. When We're Dead
  12. Take This To Your Grave
  13. Well Wish
  14. Fallacy Of Ruin