Myles Of Destruction - Running Only Makes The Fire Worse (2002)

Myles Of Destruction were an experimental hardcore/grind/crust/metal violin/drum/bass trio from Philadelphia

Had this for a while; only just now getting around to posting it. I previously posted their split with Abiku here.

Myles now plays viola/harp in the acoustic/chamber doom metal band Disemballerina (bandcamp | facebook). Make sure to check it out!

Album Description

All tracks include violin


  1. Cold Day In Hell
  2. Crocodile Nightmare
  3. Moth Curiosity
  4. Taxidermy
  5. Mourning Sickness
  6. Betta
  7. Two-Headed Monster
  8. A Coffin Fits One
  9. Shark Tank Spotlight


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