Morrow - Covenant Of Teeth (2016)

Crust/neocrust with cello from London, UK.

Shares many members with Anopheli. The lead vocalist was/is also the vocalist for Fall Of Efrafa, Momentum, Carnist, and Archivist.

David: Guitar, Bass and Drums | Alex: Vocals, art, narrative | Nicole: Cello

A wonderful surprise release. This is a 'sibling band' of Anopheli that is very similar in style. Plenty of guest vocals by many other great bands as well.

From The art of Alex CF's Facebook:

"After many years, the first album by Morrow is available to listen to and download! Morrow is the passion project of my lovely friend Dave and I, joined by lots of amazing friends who recorded guest vocals and instruments for us! For those who follow the music I am involved in, you know what to expect, emotional epic crust, with strings! Yeah I know, but we do this for the pure joy of creating it, and we hope you will enjoy it too! (If you like this sort of thing!) The album will be available to buy on a gatefold LP later this year, but for now, sit back, put on some decent headphones, and enjoy the voices of a reclaimed earth."

Similar to: Fall of Efrafa, Anopheli

Album Description

All tracks include cello


  1. Fathom
  2. The Norr
  3. Forgiving Grin
  4. Cleaved Fang