Dead to a Dying World - Litany (2015)

Dead To A Dying World is a blackened epic crust/doom band from Dallas, Texas with viola.

Heidi Moore from fellow Texas "crust with strings" band Ecocide has been added to the lineup as a vocalist (replacing Sam Pruitt). Also looks like both the cellist and upright bass player have left the band and a violist was added for this release.

I'm excited.

From Facebook:

"Litany was produced by Billy Anderson and features guest performances from members of Pallbearer, Sabbath Assembly, and Pinkish Black. The double-LP will be a joint release with Gilead Media and Tofu Carnage Records in the US and Alerta Antifascista Records (official) in Europe. The CD version will be handled solely by Gilead Media."

Album Description

All tracks include viola


  1. The Hunt Eternal
  2. Cicatrix
  3. Eventide
  4. Beneath the Loam
  5. Sick & Sunder
  6. Narcissus


Originally posted May 2, 2015
Updated Sept. 3, 2015: Added pre-order links, tracklist, specific release date, and track preview
Updated Oct. 23, 2015: Re-posted because the album was released