Anopheli - A Hunger Rarely Sated (2014)

Anopheli is a crust/neocrust band with cello and dual male/female vocals from Oakland, California and London, England.

Members of Light Bearer, No Babies, and Monuments Collapse. The lead vocalist was/is also the vocalist for Fall Of Efrafa, Momentum, and Carnist

Josh - Drums | Jasmine - Bass / vocals | Brian - guitar | Alex - Vocals
Nicole - Cello | Richard - acoustic guitar

Similar in style to Momentum but with cello and some female vocals thrown in. Really fantastic stuff.

Album Description

All tracks include cello


  1. The Embittered Living
  2. Incompetent Sires
  3. Forest of the Genocides
  4. Filia
  5. Rime


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