Agrimony - Re-Wetting Of The Bones (2007) [Song]

Agrimony was a female-fronted crust band with violin from Long Beach, California, USA

I usually wait until I track down a band's music before posting about them, but this is the most exciting thing I've found in quite a while and need some help finding the rest of their music. I've tried contacting some former band members, but I either haven't heard back or couldn't find any way to contact them. If you happen to have any leads or have any of their music, get in touch with me (

Here's what I've gathered so far: A former band member posted 3 songs of Agrimony's 5 song demo on his blog a while back but the download link has since died. There are also some live videos of Agrimony on Youtube (Re-Wetting Of The Bones | Unknown Song | Unknown Song) and two songs on their Myspace

Update: Meagan, the violinist of Agrimony, got the 3 songs from their demo uploaded for me. They have been posted here.

On a related note, I'm also looking for information about and/or the music of the band Krakatoa, which shared a violinist with Agrimony

Song Description

The song includes violin and is from the Profane Existence #54 compilation


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Updated Apr. 28, 2014: Added link to the post about their Demo