Purusam - Daybreak Chronicles (1997)

Purusam was a straight-edge hardcore band from Sweden

From Last.fm: "Purusam is a Swedish band, formed in 1994 and disbanded in 1998. Its technical hardcore metal incorporates elements from both genres, alternating between shouted male vocals and clean feminine ones. It’s marked by the elaborate instrumental parts, by the heaviness intertwined with melody and lyrics that shift between poetry and fury."

Album Description

Only the tracks "The Realm Of Time," "The Great Conquer," and "A New Season" include violin/cello


  1. Opening Theme-The Way of the Hero
  2. Leave and Forget
  3. The Realm of Time
  4. One Art
  5. The Great Conquer
  6. Doom
  7. Atma
  8. Dragonfire
  9. The Final Fantasy
  10. Starlit
  11. A New Season
  12. Hourglass


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