Machine Gun Congress - Taming 7" (2009)

Machine Gun Congress was a melodic crust band with dual female/male vocals from Portland that broke up in 2009. Members of A//political, Wake Up On Fire, Nux Vomica, Dawn Treader, Coin In The Coffer, Adelit@s, Old City, Rohit, Wretched of the Earth, and Squalora

The female vocals on this are a bit strange but I really like them (they almost sound like they're sped up, and are much different than on their demo).

Album Description

Only the track "Taming" includes viola. The guest violist is Myles of Myles of Destruction/Disemballerina. This 7" was never released on vinyl, but the unmastered tracks were put up for download by the label Tomorrow Belongs To Us


  1. Taming
  2. Black Lake
  3. Unto the Last

Thanks to Myles for letting me know about this album. Make sure to check out his new band, Disemballerina

Source: Soundcloud | Quality: MP3 160