Phobia - Demo Tape (1997)

Phobia were a crust punk band with fiddle from Melbourne, Australia

Al - Vox; Christian - Guitar; Lihibou - Fiddle; Marita - Bass; Steve - Drums

Not to be confused with the American grindcore band. Do yourself a favor and give this a listen.

Album Description

All tracks include fiddle


  1. Bloodfest
  2. Punters Club Cunts
  3. PC Fascist
  4. Racial Nightmare
  5. Nazi Scum
  6. False Promises
  7. Kill 'Em All (Health Hazard cover)
  8. Instrumental Song


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Special thanks to coffeeslot on for recommending this band

Source: Thirteenth Thoracic | Quality: MP3 320

The tracks from this demo can also be found on a 3-way split tape with Drunkard and Stand Against which can be downloaded here: Nečista Savjest

Extra Song: Phobia - Refuse The System

From the 1996 Australian compilation Riot On Ramsay St

Source: Rockin' Noiz | Quality: MP3 320