2227 - No Brains No Tumors (1995)

2227 were an experimental/avant-garde hardcore band with violin from Slovenia

This band varies in style quite a bit; I mostly included this because of the title track. I probably won't post their other album, so if you're interested you can grab it from here

Album Description

All tracks include violin


  1. Silicon One
  2. Tomorrow Never Comes
  3. No Brains No Tumors
  4. Jazzbre
  5. Pilule
  6. Bugi & Wugi
  7. A Tourist In Zion
  8. East'n Bull
  9. Innocent When You Dream
  10. East'n Cool
  11. Ljubil Sem Te-Bitke Je Konc-Sovrazim Te-Labirint


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