Segue - Death To Segue (2004)

Segue were a female-fronted crust band from Minneapolis (with ex-Servitude members)

This is definitely one of my favorite discoveries thus far. I can't get enough of the vocals on this. Make sure to give it a listen. Unfortunately, this seems to be Segue's only material that uses cello.

Album Description

All tracks except "The Children With No Shoes ..." include cello


  1. The Epic One
  2. Pete's Song
  3. Grindcore Improvisational
  4. Villain's Decoration Time
  5. Homage To A Little Red Sinking Vessel
  6. The Underminding Yearn
  7. Pete's Song
  8. The Children With No Shoes Will Be The Ones To Start The Fires


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HUGE thanks to Mike (BlueStarDukun on Youtube) for both recommending this album and ripping it. I probably would have never known about this if it weren't for him. Be sure to check out his crust band Aglio on Myspace and/or Reverb Nation

Source: Mike's Vinyl | Quality: MP3 320