An Introduction

So, I figured I should probably introduce myself. My name's Ryan. I live in California and I like crust/punk/hardcore that incorporates bowed string instruments. That seems like enough information.

I started this blog because I thought I had compiled a somewhat definitive list of all bands/albums/songs that fit into the aforementioned category and wanted to share it. My list up to that point contained pretty much all of stuff I have posted so far, but nothing more (special thanks to whoever created this pastebin paste, it helped a lot). I thought that after these initial posts, I'd begin to post sporadically, only on the rare occasion that I happen to come across something that fit the theme. Well, it turns out I was wrong.

In the past few days, I have discovered that my previous list was only the tip of the iceberg. There are more bands/albums/songs that fit the theme of the blog than I could have possibly imagined, but many of them certainly take some digging to find. Because of that, I have added a page to the blog detailing what I plan to post, what I've found, and a few of the ways I look for things. Make sure to check it out here (the link is also in the sidebar on the right):

List of Things To Be Posted or That I've Recently Found

Also, I don't think I've been very good about promoting this blog. I'll try to do better, but it'd be very helpful if those of you who do like it/know it exists would help spread the word. Plus, feel free to contact me or post comments. I want to thank the few people that have gotten in touch with me so far; they have all been really helpful and nice

P.S. Today I received Al-Thawra's "Who Benefits From War?" CD (which has violin) and the Pazahora / Ghaust split 7" (Pazahora's side has violin), so be on the lookout for those to be posted in the near future.