Al-Thawra - Who Benefits From War? (2008)

Al-Thawra (الثورة in Arabic, meaning The Revolution) is an experimental crust band from Chicago that incorporates many traditional Middle Eastern instruments into their music

Album Description

Only the track "Miskeen" includes violin for sure, but there are many other interesting Middle Eastern instruments (maybe some of them string instruments?) throughout the album

Translations of the album title found on the cover: من المستفيد من الحرب؟ (Arabic) / ¿quién se beneficia de la guerra? (Spanish)


  1. Disorientation
  2. Miskeen
  3. The Lost And The Sandstorm
  4. Al-Alwan Al Dunya
  5. A Las Cinco
  6. El Miedo (Fear)
  7. Taqsim (Improvisation)


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