Recreant - Snakes And Vultures (2012)

Recreant, from Florida, has a female vocalist and very prominent violin

"Cheddar wanted a screamo band, B wanted a grind band, Tristan wanted a crust band, and Jesse wanted a metal band, so we just threw it all together, mixed it with that Florida flavor, and made what we like to call swampcore."

Jesse Beavers - Bass | Tristan Jennings - Drums | Cheddar Kleinheinz - Guitars/Vocals | B. Friesen - Violin/Vocals

Album Description

All tracks include violin
"This is a discography of our first year being a band. We hope you enjoy it. Tracks 1-5 were recorded dec. 2011 at atomic audio in tampa, fl. Track 6-15 we recorded at atomic audio in May 2011."


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