Affray - Inner Defeat (Of The Obvious) (2000) [Song]

Affray existed between 1996 and 2000 in Falköping, Sweden. They started out as a regular hardcore band but but slowed down a bit and found other influences towards the end of their existence and started playing dark down tuned His Hero Is Gone influenced neocrust.

Album Description

Only the track Inner Defeat (Of The Obvious) by Affray includes violin. It is from their split with Token Tantrum


  1. Affray - Solace (At Last)
  2. Affray - My World, My Truth
  3. Affray - Inner Defeat (Of The Obvious)
  4. Affray - Rebirth
  5. Token Tantrum - Insanityreality
  6. Token Tantrum - Contradictive Life/World/Reality


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